NADA 2020 Recap

Every year, automotive professionals meet up to show off what they believe is transforming the automotive industry. The ability to gather in one location and witness these presentations is something we may have taken for granted in the past. Now, we will surely grow to appreciate more in a post-pandemic world. Seeing hundreds of exhibitors this past February, there were so many topics that could make innovative strides within the industry. Among them were digital dashboards, cloud integration, and the evolution of the user experience.

Digital Dashboards

Digital dashboards will soon be the new normal, even with basic model vehicles. NADA was not the first show to exhibit this modern approach to driver interaction; it also made an appearance at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in January. There is debate among consumers that these screens are a distraction rather than an assistant to the driver. Still, it seems vehicle production companies designed them with consumer concerns in mind. Digital dashboards provide a customized user experience offering hands-free voice control and traditional features like navigation. Whether they are your average size digital dashboard or Byton’s 48” LED display, get used to seeing screens in almost every vehicle in the upcoming model years.

Car Cloud Integration

Cloud integration is a focal point for innovation in vehicles, enabling endless possibilities surrounding connected technology. Vehicles can offer a more personalized experience through AI and machine-learning technologies. Predictive maintenance can notify the vehicle owner if maintenance is required. Wireless software updates would be available without visiting the service center, ensuring vehicle systems are always up to date. With cloud integration technology, data is becoming more readily available to OEMs and other providers. By utilizing this information, vehicles are safer and allow OEMs to send maintenance or recall information directly to the vehicle. Owners no longer have to wait for information in the mail.

User Experience

A huge initiative across the board around the industry is user experience. People are now expecting a seamless journey from the beginning of the buying process to the end. Many OEMs and third-party providers have resorted to mobile applications to keep customers connected to their vehicles, allowing them to send maintenance reminders, access F&I products, contracts, and more. Some even offer appointment scheduling right from the app, keeping the customer always connected.

These concepts are just the beginning for advancing technology in the automotive industry. Consumers will adapt quite easily if it’s designed, implemented, and translated well. Now, we will gear up for the virtual NADA Show 2021 set for February 9th-11th.

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