Axiom Connected Gives Global Companies an Easier Way to Add IT Resources


Axiom Connected has earned a name and recognition for executing on the most advanced digital warranty platform in our industry. This was achieved by creating and expanding our IT footprint to access the best talent globally. Partners have been intrigued by our IT strategy and we now have the solution.

What sets us apart?

Axiom Global Resourcing can provide the path to extend your IT team without the cost and issues typically associated with IT Staffing firms. We ARE NOT an hourly staffing firm that provides hourly resources for project-based work. We ARE a globally located software company that has opened our processes to partners so they can compete in the global talent market without complicating your core business practices.

We manage the process of finding, qualifying, and onboarding your selected resource, you benefit by adding staff with no geographic restrictions. They are your team; we just help you find them.

A closer look at our Resource Model

Motivated Recruiting: Promotes locating the best resources rather than the cheapest. We realize human capital is an investment that pays for itself.

 Your Team is our Team: We built our business on the same model we provide you. We ensure your team stays connected by putting an emphasis on daily communication and promoting team-building activities that encourage creativity and engagement.

 Comp+ Partner Pricing: Because we’re transparent, we work alongside your team to achieve the same goals.

Employee Satisfaction: By cultivating a close-knit team, your candidates will feel more connected, benefit from career and growth opportunities, and have higher retention.


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