Award-Winning e-Commerce Platform, MOXA, Launches Multiple Assets

MOXA 3.0

Axiom Connected has recently updated MOXA, a fully customizable e-commerce solution designed for customers to purchase and finance protection products entirely online. We now offer coverage expansion to include fleet, rideshare, and RV. Being able to provide more asset eligibility means more product offerings, which will result in even more revenue.

What does this mean for you?

Now you can expand your product offering in your campaigns to fleet, rideshare, and RV. Becca Hogenmiller, Software Product Manager for Axiom Connected says, “This release of MOXA takes the e-commerce platform to full chameleon mode – a truly dynamic system,” Hogenmiller goes on to explain, “This tailored approach results in presenting relevant protection to MOXA’s audience that creates a seamless customer experience and in turn, conversion rate.”

The best part is all existing MOXA campaigns have automatically been upgraded to the new experience, which means no extra hassle for you or your customers. This new addition has made it possible to allow consumers to maintain multiple assets under one contract. It’s never been easier for consumers to purchase protection for their vehicles and RVs, all in one fully digitized place.

We encourage you to advance on this opportunity and retarget missed opportunities. To add more product options to your campaign, contact us at