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Digitally transact promote increase re-market protection products

E-commerce platform

MOXA is a fully customizable e-commerce solution designed for customers to purchase and finance protection products entirely online.

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Customer demand

*Source: Auto Trader “Car buyer of the Future”.

How it Works


Promote your Brand

Seamless, easy to use selling platform that adapts to your brand. Customize the look and product offering, then attach to your website.

Target Missed Opportunities

Re-market to customers that didn’t purchase at point of sale through customized campaigns.

Increase Revenue

Offer customized protection products and receive commission on every transaction.

Increase Retention

Direct all customers back to your preferred service network throughout their ownership lifecycle.

Address Consumer Transparency

Educate consumers about customized protection at their own pace. Protection is fulfilled digitally in real time to consumers.

Customize MOXA

MOXA is ready to adapt to your brand or can additionally be offered as a SaaS solution for your suite of protection products.

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